Why Disc-Dogs?

This site is being created to share information to other disc doggers as well as to summarize my own journey as a new disc dog enthusiast. In the fall of 2013, I got my first Border Collie from a local breeder named Branchwater Border Collies. There is likely much to cover between November of 2013 to the present but as we are so immersed in training and trying to bring ourselves up to speed and working a normal 9-4 job, I will just have to jump right in and start story telling about the present and future as it happens.

I am pretty good with the internet. When I started searching for clubs, training and products in 2013, I found there was no single best site to visit to learn it all rather scattered organizations with outdated rules and results, clubs that were difficult to find & no single resource that talks about all of the available or allowable discs to use. I found I was jumping from site to site and not learning enough. So I bought this domain and hopefully by the end of this year, it will be a robust one stop site for those that share the disc dog hobby or for those that are new and want to see it all in one place.

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