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We, the Appalachian Air Canines Disc Dog Club and our humans, commit ourselves to fulfilling the social needs of our club members through frisbee dog sports, education, and playtime opportunities. We share a concern for the well being of each club member, which we promote through positive reinforcement. A focus on friendly, fun activities is our prime directive.

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  1. I have sent emails to the email address I have for Jeff Hoke inquiring if Appalachian Air Canines would be interested in attending the 2015 Furry Fun Day event in Shippensburg PA. As of to date, I have not heard back. Appalachian Air Canines was always a part of this event in the past. There was not an event in 2014 but now Furry Fun Day is up and running again. Could so one please respond rather you are interested or not. Thank You. Linda Asper, Vendor Coordinator

    • I will reach out to him for you and hopefully he will get back to you. I know that they are having their 2015 Member Meeting on February 15, 2015 at the We have scheduled a membership meeting for 2pm Sunday, Feb 15 at the following restaurant in Baltimore:

      The Chasseur – 3328 Foster Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224 –
      We have a private room reserved (thanks Ed!) so we can discuss plans for the upcoming season (our 10th year) while enjoying their lunchtime offerings. If you are planning to host an event or would like to become more involved in club activities, please come!

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