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There are several photographers out there aside from myself who take some seriously awesome pictures of disc dogs competing across the US. Please add any additional sites or people I have missed on this first go around…

Jackie Scheetz – http://www.discdogpictures.com – Jackie has always enjoyed photography and it was just natural for her to take pictures of dogs at events. As her and her husband Jeff,  helped to re-form the Kansas City Disc Dogs Jackie took a lot of pictures for the club. Her pictures from events around the country can be found on hundreds of disc doggers websites! Jackie has always given her pictures away to the competitors for their personal use as it is her hobby and she loves to give back to the sport and people that have been so gracious in welcoming Team Towser into the sport. Her images are available for commercial purposes as well, just contact her for info on her web site.

Wayne Ramsay – www.wayneramsayphotography.com – Welcome to my site. My name is Wayne Ramsay and I live in Millersville, Md. My photographic passions include animals (dogs, primarily) and any sport played with a ball. Six years of Severna Park High School baseball, football, and basketball have provided many interesting shots. But the season has gone to the dogs. Disc dog competitions with the Mid Atlantic Disc Dogs and the Appalachian Air Canines will be providing most of the shots. Throw in some dock diving and lure coursing, as well as agility, and get your fill of dog pictures. The first event of the year, MAD Dogs FROSTBITE is Jan 17…

Mark Vitullo – https://www.flickr.com/photos/32351429@N00/ – Mark is a member of the Ohio Disc Dogs

Russ Green – www.frisbee-dogs.com – Russ is a member of the Colorado Disc Dogs

John Dougherty – http://ontheballphotography.net/ (East Coast)

Marshall Smith – https://www.facebook.com/marshall.smith.10 (mid-west)

Kelvin Andow – http://www.kelvinandowimages.com/ (Minnesota)

https://www.facebook.com/kissmyaussphotography?fref=photo (Connecticut)

Tara Bayne – https://www.facebook.com/jacqlynhyde

Mark Jennings – https://www.facebook.com/mark.jennings.33046 (Texas)

Clint Marlow – https://www.facebook.com/CrazyDiscDogs (Colorado)

Angelo Marinakis – https://www.facebook.com/chiroangelo (Texas)


People I can’t find info on: Jim Safford & Elizabeth Andrews

More to come as I find more … meaning this page should be updated often


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