Disc Dog Training Experts | Pawsitive Vybe | Ron Watson & Apryl Lea

If you are looking for the most well know and most widely available Disc Dog Instruction on the Intra Web, look no further that Pvybe.com.

“Specializing in Dog Sports and Assistance Dogs, Ron Watson and Apryl Lea are top shelf trainers, handlers, speakers and performers.”

Ron & Apryl live and work with a dozen high drive working dogs on the ground floor of the Pajama Factory in Midtown Kingston, NY. They run classes in real life in the city of Kingston and on the internet here at PVybe.com.

They offer seminars, camps, online interactive training sessions (one of which I was on last night for free as an alumni of the same class from last summer) and Ron Watson just recently completed his first masterpiece, The Art of K9 Disc.

To get a taste of what Ron is all about, check out his Vimeo & YouTube channels. You will find dozens and dozens of awesome videos teaching everything from flatwork to hoops to vaults.

Here is what I see currently when visiting the you tube channel:


Make sure to check out the Pvybe blog as well which jam packed with more video and instructional advice for training your mutt to become the ultimate disc dog.

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