Indy Dog & Disc Club

Indy Disc Dog Club The Indy Dog and Disc Club, better known as the IDDC, is a club comprised of a diverse group of individuals and their four-legged friends. The IDDC is always looking to have a good time and find ways to involve more people. The club motto is “Where having FUN is more important than winning”. Anyone can tell you that this is true. Please come on out and see for yourself at one of our play dates, competitions, or performances.

As of March 3, 2015 the following volunteers are listed:

Mary Jo Corso
Vice President:
Robin Herman
Don Lang
Sharon Galema
Membership Director:
Pat Daugherty
Sponsor Director:
Greg Million
Animal Welfare:
Mary Jo Corso
Demo / Show Director:
Jill Best
Robin Herman
Newsletter Editor:
Julie Rhea
Merchandise Director:
James Dumond
At Large:
Alice Lang
Event Coordinator:
Sheridan Gilchrist
At Large:
Rick Kimball
Past President:
Don Lang


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