Skyhoundz Spot Landing

Spot Landing challenges teams to complete as many catches as possible in the designated scoring zones within 60 seconds. Scoring circles and field dimensions are shown in the picture below. The Spot Landing field was designed so that it is easily reproducible and consistently set-up from DiscDogathon to DiscDogathon. The X-pattern on the lower diagram represents tape measure(s) or string(s) used to help locate the “vector points” upon which the scoring zones are centered.

Teams are required to make one attempt in each scoring zone (progressing from lower to higher value scoring zones or right then left then right then left from the throwing circle) and may then attempt to score in the zones of their choice for the remaining time allotted. Teams earn point values for catches in which the disc dog lands with all paws inside a scoring zone…. & yes there are some 3 legged dogs that compete. Catches landing outside scoring zones are worth one point each however, the thrower must attempt to reach the scoring areas on each throw to earn the extra 1 point(s).

The thrower and the K9 must be within the throwing circle before the clock starts. Thereafter, the thrower and canine may move freely about the field to catch and/or retrieve the one disc allowed on the field for the event (chosen by the competing team).

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Spot Landing Field Layout

I have tried to locate a couple of videos that demonstrate spot landing but what is really needed to fully understand the game without actually playing it may require a drone or quad copter for an overhead view.

On the first video you can see the dog comes close to the circles but actually misses each and only earns 1 point for each catch.


The second video adds a different perspective from behind the thrower and shows well the proper left / right / left / right throwing which is required for the first 4 throws. This second video is actually 16 minutes long and shows many teams that are competing in a DiscDogathon Championship qualifier this past summer in Banner Elk, NC.


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