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  1. My wife and I are planning to bring in 2 new members into our family a few months from now.
    1. An 8 week old Blue breed Weimaraner
    2. An 8 week old Blue breed Great Dane

    I saw the half time show on Youtube of Samantha Valle’s dog tricks and was blown away. I do realize that I am not expecting to train my dogs to do exactly what she did with hers but I would like a good foundation of that along with some discipline training as well.

    I also understand the importance of getting an early start when the pups are young.

    Thank you for any advise on training dogs

  2. When do you stop giving the dogs teatrs, ore other positive feedback, after you ask them to stay ore come to you? I mean when and how do you know you can expect that from your dog?Good videos:) just wondering, what do you think of Cesar Millans ways of training dogs??(overlook my broken english, im from europa)

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